Immanuel Lutheran School

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The following is a condensed version of the curriculum for each grade at Immanuel Lutheran School.

3 Year Old Program - Goals and Objectives

4 Year Old Program - Goals and Objectives

Kindergarten Program - Goals and Objectives

First Grade Program - Goals and Objectives

Second Grade Program - Goals and Objectives

Third Grade Program - Goals and Objectives

Fourth Grade Program - Goals and Objectives

Fifth and Sixth Grade Program - Goals and Objectives

Seventh Grade Program - Goals and Objectives

Eight Grade Program - Goals and Objectives

Middle School Science (grades 5-8)

Each grade will concentrate on one branch of science. Grade 6 will focus on life science, grade 7 on physical science, and grade 8 on earth science. This will enable students to “dive deep” while making good use of our principle text resource, the
Holt Science & Technology series.

Our learning units align with standards established by the state of Connecticut. This helps to “smooth the ride” for students entering our program from the public schools. Also, this ensures that children are receiving a thorough grounding in science that will prepare them for high school and beyond in public, private, or parochial school settings.

We look forward to an enjoyable year of science that builds on the past and aims for the future.

K-8 Technology Computer Lab

Our classrooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment and Internet access. Almost all rooms equipped with SMART or an interactive boards.

In addition, each student, from pre-Kindergarten to grade 8, receives instruction once a week in a lab setting.

Our lab program is based on standards supported by the Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology and by the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Our tools in the lab include IBM-style personal computers with Internet access, office programs, programs on CD, and various input and output devices. Teachers collaborate to design computer projects that extend classroom learning.

In the lab, students learn the following:
  • how to operate technology equipment. Keyboarding skill is an important part of this process.
  • how to practice responsible use of technology, especially online.
  • how to create multimedia products like reports, newsletters, and slide shows.
  • how to collaborate with others using telecommunications.
  • how to conduct effective and accurate research.
  • how to organize and analyze information both to solve problems and to present ideas for an audience.

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