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Preschool aide - Part time position from 8:15-12:15 daily. Applicant must have experience with working with three and four year olds, and must hold at least an Associate’s degree. This person will be side by side with the Classroom teacher, and will help with the daily running of the class which may include running small groups, reading to class, helping with self-care skills, and taking students to their Specials classes such as art, gym, etc…..

Lunch lady- Part time position from 10:00-12:30. Applicant must have ServeSafe licensing (ILS has materials for this.), and have had experience in the past. This person will be preparing 20-30 meals a day, write menus, discuss menus with Registered Dietician, complete the ordering on a weekly basis, and be able to deal with the Health Department.
Please fax resume to: 203-748-5022
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