Immanuel Lutheran School


Full Day class – 5 days (8:30am – 3:00pm) 
3 year old Half Day AM class – 5 days (8:30am – 11:30am) 
3 year old Half Day AM class – 3 days M/W/F (8:30am – 11:30am) 
3 year old Half Day AM class – 2 days TU/TH (8:30am – 11:30am) 
4 year old Full Day class – 5 days (8:30am – 3:00pm)  
4 year old Half Day AM class – 5 days (8:30am – 12:30am) 
4 year old Half Day AM class – 5 days (8:30am – 11:30am)  

At the end of the school day, children in grades K-8 will wait for their buses in designated classrooms. Children who are not taking the school bus home are to be picked up at the far exit of the school. Each car must have a sign with the student's last name in large-print letters posted in the front windshield. Students will be called individually as the cars approach the school. Parents may also park in the rear parking lot and then go to the far stairs and be announced to the students. Students will wait in the end classroom and be dismissed individually by the adult in charge. To avoid congestion and confusion, parents will not wait in the hall for children. For more information on the dismissal procedure, please see the Handbook.

For school delay/cancellation information, please listen to WLAD (800 AM), 98Q (98.3 FM) or WINE (940 AM), or watch the scroll on the bottom of the screen on TV channels 3, 6 and 8. We normally have the same weather delays and closures as the Danbury Public Schools. If we have a delayed opening on an early-dismissal day, the day will become a regular-length day.

Students who have a Danbury address may ride the Danbury school bus to and from school. Bus schedules and locations for pick-up and drop-off will be printed in the Danbury News-Times each August. It is the parent's responsibility in bad weather conditions to listen to the radio/television for unplanned early school closures and have back-up arrangements in place for your children.

If the bus is late, call Laidlaw Bus Company at 792-7980. If there is a consistent problem with bus times or drivers, please call the Danbury Board of Education Transportation Department, 797-4708.

Honeywell Instant Alert® for Schools Parent User Interface

Website URL:

Minimum Requirements
Register and create your account
Go to the Honeywell Instant Alert for Schools website listed above.
If you are not a staff member in the school, click on ‘Parent’ in the New User box.
If you are a staff member in the school, use the user name and password given to you by the school.
Complete the student information form. Click ‘Submit.’
Complete the corresponding screen. Click ‘Submit.’
After receiving the Confirmation message, click ‘Proceed’ to get started with Instant Alert.
Note: Remember your Login Name and Password so you may use it to update your profile.

View and check details about yourself and your family members
Upon successful login, click on ‘My Family.’
Click on a parent name to view and edit parent details.
Click on a student name to view details about your children enrolled in this school.

Configure alert settings for yourself
Click on ‘Alert Setup.’
Click on the check boxes to select which alert type you would like to have sent to which device. Click on ‘Save’ when complete.
If you would like to add another contact device, select the device type and enter the device details. Select the person to whom the device belongs and click on ‘Add.’
For e-mail, text messaging and pagers you may send yourself a test message. Click on ‘Send Test Message’ to send yourself a message.

Additional Functions
View History of Alerts
Click on ‘Alert History’ to view Alerts that have been sent to you. Use the calendar icons and ‘Alert Type’ list to filter the Alerts.

Identify key contacts for your children
Click on ‘Other Contacts.’
Click on ‘Add New Contact’ and complete the form.
Click on the ‘Pick Up Rights’ check box if you wish to allow this person the right to pick up your child from school. This person’s name will appear on a report for the school.
Click on ‘Save’ when complete.
If you would like this person to receive Alerts from the school, return to the ‘Alert Setup’ page to configure this person’s alert settings.

For Assistance:
Click on the Help Request link in the lower right hand side of the page

Be sure to set your e-mail spam filter to receive e-mail from

Honeywell Instant Alert ® for Schools will not sell, rent, loan, trade, or lease any personal information of our members, the children for whom they have responsibility, or others listed as contacts in the system. We will use the utmost care in protecting the privacy and security of your information.