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Hello Everyone,

This Tuesday we went out to the gardens in front of our school by the middle set of doors. Everyone had some type of digging tool and we got the ground ready to plant Marigolds that Miss Peggy bought for us. We got almost a whole flat of Marigolds planted. We took a picture of everyone working and we made a sign which you can see in the garden that will let everyone know what we had done. On Wednesday there were some people from the congregation that were doing Thrivent action team events. They added mulch to the gardens around the church, even our gardens. Everything is looking great! It makes us feel good that we were able to help beautify our campus.

Last October when we got rid of our Fall Pumpkin we laid it outside right below our window. We have watched the process of rotting that the pumpkin has gone through. Recently dirt was put on top of what was left of the pumpkin. This week we were able to see four little pumpkin sprouts peeking out of the ground. Next school year we hope that we will be able to see some pumpkins ready for a new set of Fall festivities.

This week we have been reading and rereading Fairy Tales and Froggy Stories. The students got to vote as to which of the previously read stories that we were to read again during each story time. Some of the favorites that we read more than once was Froggy’s Best Babysitter and Little Red Riding Hood. When we read Little Red Riding Hood they got really good with the version that we were reading. We would change some of the important information and they we catch the error each time. They also were able to actually tell parts of the story especially in our favorite parts with the Wolf.

On Friday, June 2nd we will be having an outdoor Fun Day. We will have a small Bounce House. We will have yellow submarine races, bowling, bubbles, parachute fun, bean bag toss, and a water table. We will be having cheese pizza for lunch, Juice boxes or water, and popsicles and cookies. We will have everyone stay longer. Those students who normally go home at 11:30 will be dismissed at
12:30 PM. Full day students will still have their normal dismissal time.
We can use some help at the beginning of the day setting up the Bounce House and water table. If you would like to help please let us know. If your child does not attend on Friday please plan to have them attend also. Please let us know if your child will be with us if your child is not normally a Friday student so that we can plan for enough food and fun items.

We will no longer be going to our Library. If your child has not returned their book by next Friday there will be a slip in their folder reminding you of the book. If you cannot find the book the cost of the book will also be on the slip.

Thursday, June 8
th we will be having a STEM assembly for PreK to 2nd grades. They will be talking about and showing creatures from the ocean. We are inviting all students to join us please let me know if your child will be attending class that day if it is not their usual day.

Enjoy the long weekend.
NO SCHOOL on MONDAY as well as today.
Sylvia Person

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