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Computer Curriculum at ICDS
Students improve their keyboarding skills in school and at home. We introduce formal keyboarding in grade 2 with online lessons at Dancemat ( Students progress to a more interactive format in grade 4 at At this site, students focus on two letters or characters at a time, and they are able to pre-set a words per minute goal. Middle school students (grades 5-8) sign up for an account at, where they choose their type of practice, and level of challenge. This program charts time spent typing, along with average speed and top speed.

Students spend most of their time in class producing projects that require them to master and to integrate software applications with internet resources, including
a) word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows
b) Windows Movie Maker and Paint (photo editing and sketching)
c) Google SketchUp, Pivot Stick Figure Animator and Unfreez animator

Class projects are often themed around what students are learning in the classroom. Some sample projects follow:

Kindergarten—face/name match, apple patterns, coloring pages with bitmap images, Christmas and Easter cards with vector images, spreadsheet number practice 1-100, venn diagrams with pictographs, bitmap drawings in Paint to go with spring poems, online literacy practice at

Grade 1—faces/name keyboarding, tangram puzzles, fall leaf match, Thanksgiving table setting, Christmas card with acrostic poem, pattern blocks, animal crossword puzzles, environmental print

Grade 2—animal-themed calendar, online geography practice with continents and oceans at , typing of the Pledge of Allegiance and the Pledge to the Cross, Flat Friends destinations in the United States, colonial America “Then and Now” study

Grade 3—U.S. Penny spreadsheets, online interactive math practice at, Holiday Lights Around the World, Working Dogs, Christian Symbol Sculpture

Grade 4—Online geography for U.S. states and capitols at, The Two Martin Luthers internet research, spreadsheets based on U. S. state statistics, Connecticut Bingo, Energy Demonstrations with Lab Reports

Grade 5—Online interactive math at, animal senses internet research, health newsletter internet research, My Family Heritage

Grade 6—School calendar, world records graphic organizer, online Olympics competition

Grade 7—Billboard 100 spreadsheets, Animated Christmas Card, Presidential Fitness personal spreadsheets, National Parks webpage, baseball internet research/spreadsheets/lingo study

Grade 8—“The New Me” photo editing, advanced spreadsheets, Coming of Age Newsletter, primary sources movie with Windows Movie Maker, Career Day investigation